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Pretty nice, too bad about the ending


It's a good game, i like it

Had a lot of fun playing that game it really is great work, I got a heart attack when I entered Pont Grenouille. Though I got skill soft locked at Neiry's boss and after 15 minutes of trying I gave up.


thanks for playing !

yeah I've definitely got to drop the difficulty of that one down just a bit :')) Appreciate the comment <3


I think this game is a bit too easy!


What an epic gamer 😎


damn ! really nice work <3

in the weird money thing at the start how do i accecpt it and get out of the promt im confused

sorry mate I'm not sure exactly what you mean , could you send me over a screenshot ?

Pretty cool bullet hell. It's nice and challenging.

thank you mate !

wanted to make it tough as hell >:)


it is

the second boss -_-        pls nerf

It's definitely a jump in difficulty ! haha~~

might need to look into it if more people feel this way though


I also feel this way, it's so difficult

Would it be possible to make the pico-8 cart available for download?

Absolutely ! the cart is already available for download on this page for 2USD , if you genuinely can't front the cost send me a dm on twitter <3

The cart isn't listed when I click the Download link.

Updated right now ! sorry I took so long to get back- added the .p8 files to the download link <3

Really innovative take on the genre ! I was surprised by the "recoil" you get from shooting but I think I like it, it makes the game more strategic ! I love the idea of zones you can explore too.

Also, is music planned for the game ?

I'm glad you came to like the recoil mechanic ! I wanted to make shooting a bit more of a decision rather than just holding the button the entire time . 

Music is definitely planned ! and will probably come to the game alongside the final boss

Super shmup. i love it. i really like how the shooting makes the plane more sluggish and presses you backewards, nice touch. 

Thank you ! I wanted to make the game feel a bit different to a shmup- so I've been getting a lot of comments from people who didn't like that feature all !

So It's really appreciated you saying that you like it !

Thank you for playing <3