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At The Hop! is a cute minimalist rhythm puzzler about fitting instrument playing frogs into a grid without having their predetermined paths intersect!

Made in 72 hours for Mini Jam 79: Frogs

Uh oh! The frog ball is coming up but the stage isn't big enough! How many frogs can you fit on the stage at once?

Click and Drag these cute hand-drawn frogs to fit as many on the grid as you can! Be careful though, they follow pre-determined patterns! So you'll have to keep track of where each frog is trying to move

Controls: Click and Drag for movement, Esc for pause menu
Art, Music, Programming: Louie Chapman

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
TagsCute, Frogs, Funny, jam, Music, Simple
Average sessionA few minutes


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Happy New Year! This is a really innovative concept with a charming, adorable style. I'll definitely be hearing Lauret in my sleep tonight lol.

Dragging Feedback: The dragging is a bit wonky since the mouse's screen position is piped directly to the frog's position on the Y plane. Here's a tutorial I found that applies: wow so cool! Also, it's possible to drag the frogs off-screen or have them jump off-screen by themselves.

Rhythm Feedback: It was extremely satisfying to weave 2 frog patterns together. However, sometimes my chain would break despite no collision occurring (example below). Maybe add a tiny grace period to make sure this doesn't happen?

Take all my criticism with a grain of salt; I realize you made this in under 72 hours, which is \ay more than I've ever done. I still love this project immensely! Shoutout to your mum btw.

Happy New Year to you as well ! I'm glad and a quite honoured you spent it playing my silly little frog game <3

Thank you for the feedback , I'll definitely look into that video on 2d vs 3d coordinates because that was something that bugged me about the project too. As for the rhythm feedback, that was definitely something that I had noticed but wasn't able to fix in the time frame- especially how hundreds of crosses can often fly down from the top of the screen. If I come back to this project I will definitely be looking into fixing those two things :)

I'll let me mum know about the shoutout ::))

Thanks for playing mate !

My score is 21. Cool game!

Got 22 so far as my highest. Really great game


nice work ! the highest ive ever gotten is 31 and i think it might be the highest

is there actually a way to get all of the frogs playing?

Maybe! But I doubt it haha, the best score I've ever gotten is 31- and I'm not sure if anyone has gotten higher than that

wazzaaaa, so cool game



theyre trying SO HARD