GUILD KINGS is a synchronous card game / proof-of-concept built in Pico8 . Win the duel by choosing two cards in secret which are then played simultaneously , outwit your opponent by playing cards of varying speed . 


  •     Use the cursor keys to move the cursor
  •     Use the X, M or V  key to select
  •     Use the Z, M or C key to cancel

Behind the Scenes

This is my first big project in Pico8 , I've never had to deal with hitting the token limit before and was a major limiting factor in what Guild Kings was able to become . It's not anywhere near finished , and it's not anywhere near what I want it to be- but despite that , I am still proud of it .

I'd like to thank the LazyDevs discord community for helping me out , and MedievalMore for the incredible card art once again . 

I'll likely make a post-mortem and will update the page when it's made . If  anyone is interested in any of the techniques I used for animation I'd be more than happy to share them , flick me a message on twitter any time .


Made in about a month in Pico8 by Louie Chapman 
Gorgeous card icons made by MedievalMore


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Development log

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