Welcome to Oracle's Inn !

Welcome to my potion shoppe ! I'm glad to have you here. However, I can sense dark waters in your future. I know just the ingredients

In Oracle's Inn you take the role of alchemist/doctor/oracle/bundle of joy and happen to be just the person your customers need. Catch glimpses into the futures of your customers, and prepare for them life-saving potions in advance !


  • Left/Right: Navigate
  • X or Z: Submit
  • Enter: Pause

Art, Programming by Yolwoocle - Twitter | Itch.io

Music, Art, Programming by Louie Chapman - Twitter | Itch.io

Made in 72hrs for Mini Jam 112: Chrono


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I love comitting malpractice 😊

The game is good !

Also, the game blends in so well with the itch page ! So aesthetic ahah.


Thank you so much ! <3

I appreciate the words on the itch page , I always try my best to make it pretty ::))

I really like the palette you picked for this game. It has a lot of personality!

thank you for playing ! it's really appreciated

Mannn, I love pico-8 and your game is so beatifull

Thank you so much ! <3